Assisted Living in Long Island, New York


How to deal with the emotional transition of moving into an Assisted Living Residence

Moving can be an emotional experience. The saying, "there's no place like home" often comes to mind when one considers the stress involved in adjusting to a new environment. That said, it's important to remember when moving into an Assisted Living Residence that you share very much in common with the other residents. Those who are already living there have already gone through the moving process. While your own situation is certainly unique, the upheaval of moving can be difficult for everyone.

Current residents can usually offer a lot of advice in these situations. It might be tough at first to approach people who you haven't met yet, but remember that these people will be your co-residents, many of them will be your friends. They are almost always more than happy to help out a new-comer. Not only can they offer advice, but talking with them a bit may help you get acclimated to your new environment.

At first you may feel compelled to spend most of your time in your apartment, however getting out and meeting your new neighbors and taking part in activities is widely said to be the best way to assimilate into your new home. The more you take part and mingle, the faster you will feel at home and become comfortable with your new life.