Assisted Living in Long Island, New York


How many people currently live in assisted living situations?

Many people are unaware of just how many people live in assisted living. Currently, more than a million Americans live in an estimated 20,000 assisted living residences, according to the Assisted Living Federation of America. Assisted living residents comprise a varied demographic. While the typical resident, which makes up a majority, are women in their eighties either widowed or single, assisted living residents are of a range of ages, ethnicities, and more. They also are very unique in terms of the kind of care that they need.

At The Lake Shore we understand assisted living and the variety of people that require it. We know that each resident has his or her own unique history and situation. That's why we take the time to provide the special care, scheduled or unscheduled, that they require. Not only are we dedicated to giving the highest quality of care possible, but we also provide you with the soothing environment of the beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma of Long Island New York.