“I and my family would like very much to thank all of you for making Mom feel that this was truly her home and her family and friends.

Whenever we would pick her up for a day she would keep watching her watch telling us her piano player or her singer ( they all belonged to her) was on their way so she needed to get home by a certain time.

She loved her card group and would speak about them consistently
(also the little bit of wine didn’t hurt).

So once again we truly THANK YOU ALL… and will never forget any of you.”
-Love the family of
Mary O’Connell


“Your thoughful card is very special. Mom had a pefect ceremony, peace and ever more special that her step daughter was present in her full dress of a Col in the Army. I played “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin and we all had a lovely dinner after. I will always be grateful to you all and happy that I chose Lake Shore for my mom.”


“We would like to express our appreciation for the help, companionship and love you all gave to our mother, Betty, during the years she lived with you. She considered The Lake Shore her home, and we were always confident that she was in good hands. You went out of your way to make her happy, and we hope she gave you some pleasure in return. We shall miss our visits to The Lake Shore, as we shall miss Mom.”
-Joe & Barbara


“The fact that my illness has required a transfer from The Lake Shore in such an abrupt manner has prevented me from expressing my gratitude there with each of you individually.

Almost precisely four years ago, I was welcomed into the community at The Lake Shore. Ever since then, many people have taken a sincere and significant interest in helping me to live among the many women and men who require particular care in their daily lives. I have made many friends and enjoyed the company of certain individuals who have reminded me frequently of the human kindness which is on display at this unique community.

There were times when matters did not always go smoothly, as is regularly the case in life. Throughout it all, I have observed a commitment to solve any difficulty encountered and to strive to enhance the quality of life for all of the residents at The Lake Shore and for each one of them individually.

For having made evident to me the vast capacity of the human spirit for consideration and the ministering to others, I am eternally grateful. Now that I require more extensive care, with the resulting relocation from The Lake Shore, please understand that I am most appreciative for the kind attention which I have received from each one of you.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May God bless you all,